Sunday, 14 June 2015

Paragraph writing grade 5

As a part of their holiday homework in English, our 5th graders have explored few topics with paragraph writing. Below are few submissions of our students' paragraphs. With our new initiative "paragraph-a-week" kicking off this Monday for grades 4 and 5, it will be interesting to observe how their writing skills improve week by week.

"An Admirable Friend"

I have several friends. Some at school, some near my house and some at my football class. Out of all my friends I have, Aashray is the one i admire most. Aashray studies with me in the same school. He is three months younger to me but he is a little taller than me. We have been together for the past three years. Actually, we are a group of five best friends in the class but the bond I have with Aashray is just a little more special. We are very much alike. He also has an elder brother like me and he comes neatly dressed to the school each day. He is very good in his studies and never gets any bad remarks from teachers. Aashray is also very good at sports. He is kind and friendly as well and all that makes him my most admirable friend.

Nemeet, grade 5

"My Ambition"

My goal is to become an IPS officer and serve the country. To reach my goal I have to work hard with commitment and concentration. I need to study eight hours a day and play only for thirty minutes. I should be fit and strong, so I do fitness every day to be strong. I am trying to improve my knowledge by reading newspaper and reading books in general. I need to plan every day and achieve my goal. I need to learn more about civics, economics, history and English. I need to know the loops and holes of our country so that i can try and solve them, after i become an IPS officer.

Niyudh, grade 5

"An Admirable Friend"

My friend Aathitiyaa is a very good boy. He helps me with things like copying notes and clearing doubts. He is good at studies and sports. He is very silent when teachers are not around. He helps his friends and teachers as well! Whenever i am absent he enquires if everything is OK with me. Whenever his mother packs special food for him, he makes sure he shares it with me. On my birthday he gave me a big, interesting and lovely birthday card. I was really feeling happy that time. He took a lot of time preparing that card with all small paper craft pieces. He made the card all by himself and i was very happy with the effort he put in to make it beautiful. He is such a lovely friend and i admire him every day. I would like to be like Aathitiyaa. I would like to spread happiness to my friends as he did, to make me happy. By putting little effort for others, we can make a lot of friends happy.

Adwaith, grade 5

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