Sunday, 28 June 2015

Monsoon Magic

In last week's 'Paragraph a Week' students have been assigned a new topic - Monsoon Magic. They have come up with beautiful paragraphs once again and we wanted to share few of them with you.

Monsoon Magic

The onset of monsoon creates magic in the atmosphere. The beautiful smell of the first raindrops falling on the parched earth and the sight of deep, dark clouds racing overhead enthral many a heart. Almost overnight the landscape is transformed. Green shoots appear everywhere and frogs start croaking in the puddles of water. A lucky few rewarded with the sight of dancing peacocks. Friends huddled together near the window, watching the rain pouring down while enjoying mother's yummy pakodas - images that stay long in our memories. Monsoon is truly magical.

Anya, grade 4

In our country, the rainfall season usually begins in the month of June. One day I was playing with my friends in the park. Suddenly, it started to rain so we took shelter under a tree but it was of no use. Few of my other friends came out to play football in the rain, so I joined them. After football we started to run around and play. We saw a puddle, we went and jumped in the puddle, the brown water splashed on us! By then, our parents came down to call us home and seeing us drenched they were shocked! I came home and had a hot shower and had something hot to drink. It's fun playing in the rain but it could get messy and we could get sick, so we should take care.

Sujay, grade 4

In the monsoon season it rains a lot and sometimes thunder also comes. The thunder is very loud and it irritates me. Along with he thunder, lightning also comes and it's too flashy to look at. Due to the rain and wind, the TV signal will not be good and the picture will look blurred. Sometimes I like monsoon because we can see the rainbow and it looks colourful. I used to play in the rain and muddy puddles. I like monsoons season better when it does not rain because monsoon season is pleasant. I don't like it when it rains because none of my friends will come out to play.

Charuroopa, grade 4

It was a rainy afternoon and since morning it had only rained, poured and drizzled. I was getting bored at home and suddenly our telephone rang and the voice on the other side said, "Siya, come down, near the the club house fast and don't forget to bring your umbrella." I recognised the voice immediately, it was my friend Saakshi. "I'll be there in a minute," i answered. I grabbed my umbrella and rushed to the club house where Saakshi and one more friend, Simone, were waiting for me. "What (puff!) was so (pant!) urgent?" I said, catching my breath. They both were transfixed to see me like that and Simone tried to mutter out a sentence: "Siya, you took it so seriously but we just called you to play in the rain!" My joy had no bounds when i heard we were going to play in the rain. The next moment we were jumping, splashing and dancing in the rain. Rain was accompanied by its best friend wind and and it was so strong that we were pushed by it. My umbrella was flying around and I was chasing it. We giggled, laughed and were totally drenched in rain. After some time my mom called me and said, "Siya, bring your friends up. I have a surprise for you." To our surprise, pakodas and hot chocolate were ready for all three of us. We relished the pakodas and hot chocolate. Soon it was time for my friends to go. It was an amazing monsoon day and it felt like magic for sure and I enjoyed it so much that i started to write a poem about it:

Oh! Rain how magical you are
you can change the world
I can see the blue sky
with a rainbow on its side
all the trees are green and bright
looks like they are back from spa
roads are clean and clear
but puddles are everywhere
I can see the farmers' eyes
they look completely satisfied
and look at the street dog, to my surprise
waving his wet fur side to side
Oh! Rain, how magical you are.

Siya, grade 5

Monsoon brings happiness and joy all around us. We splash water and make colourful paper boats. During the monsoon season I would sit in my balcony and look at my plants: tulsi, hibiscus and many more. I would also observe the beautiful trees, flowers and the rain falling on the rocks from my balcony and even stars with the moon! I would love to wear my black leather jacket and sit and eat sandwiches, soup, milk and tea. I would be even more eager to see the peacocks dancing. I would never miss getting drenched in the rain. I love rain and i want that it rains all the time.

Bhavik, grade 5

Monsoon is my favourite season because it rains. I can play in the rain all day. We get green crops because of the rain. It also cleans up all the dirty places. During summer everything dries up but once it rains we get awesome weather. There are birds flying everywhere. When i was a kid I used to play with paper boats in puddles of water. Farmers love the rain as it leads them to success.

Nameet, grade 5

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