Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Our Telugu teacher Vijaya Lakshmi ma'am

You might or might not be aware, but we have a wonderful Telugu teacher in our school - Vijaya Lakshmi ma'am! She is probably the kindest Telugu teacher ever. She is very passionate about her subject and enjoys teaching our students. She has recently met with an accident where she fractured her hand but she continues teaching with all her might and is known to always encourage students to express them selves.

Her classes are interesting and she often incorporates activities to make it fun. Here are some pictures from the recent classes:

Grade 6 students, Shishir and Anek, were recently doing a role play of a great Telugu writer, Sri Madhurantakam Rajaram, Jarina Gunde.

Grade 8 students: Krithi, Adhya, Guneet, Sanjana and Rithvik have practiced elocution in the Telugu class. Yes, in Telugu language, of course! Vijaya Lakshmi ma'am wouldn't have it any other way!






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  1. Excellent ma'am, hats off to you. I pray god for your speedy recovery.