Saturday, 20 June 2015

Happiness Week: 15th – 19th June 2015, Theme: Discipline - Culmination Report

Dear Parents,

The first Happiness Week of this academic session ends today and we did have a good learning of the topic ‘Discipline’. All the students were spoken to in detail about why ‘Discipline’ is so important in life and in our day-day activities. It was wonderful to see the students of Grade 1, who did not know the word ‘Discipline’, now understand how important it is to behave well.

The middle school students even came up with instances where they felt they were not so well behaved last year, and have now committed to work on the same and exhibit more coordination with others. There has been a significant change in how they were ready to take up more responsibility.

The ‘Buddy System’ is now in place and the list has been shared with the students as to which team they would belong to. A teacher will head each team so that there is a constant monitoring of how this system is working. The final list will be shared with all the students on Monday.

The best execution of the idea came up when the entire Student Committee was being formed this week. The senior students nominated themselves for the committee and campaigned for votes. It was a tough competition and was wonderful to see how each of them had an agenda and ‘good behavior’ topped the lists!

It was the ‘Election Day’ for the student committee and all the students from Grade 1-9 had an experience of a real-time voting system. All these activities being lined up in the same week gave the students more inclination towards understanding ‘Discipline’ and its importance to the core.
Will come up with another interesting theme and learning for the next month. Once again, we thank all our parents for the continued faith and support in us!

With best regards,
Ms.Swapnali Deore


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