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MY EXPERIENCE AS A TEACHER - By Ms. Namita Chowdhary, Teacher, Open Minds

                                 Teaching is one of the most complicated jobs today. It demands broad knowledge of the subject, curriculum and standards; enthusiasm, a caring attitude and love of learning; knowledge of discipline and classroom management techniques; a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people! With all these qualities required, it’s no wonder that it’s hard to find ‘great teachers’.

                           Teachers have a very important responsibility of shaping the lives of young children. With this responsibility comes great pride and joy. According to me a ‘teacher’ can be defined as someone who always pushes students to do their best while at the same time trying to make learning interesting as well as creative. A positive or negative influence from a teacher early-on in life can have a great effect on the life of a child.

                                Each teacher can recount numerous highs and lows in their teaching career. Personally, I experienced many great moments while teaching. These were days when I ended so happy and enthusiastic that I knew I had selected the right profession. On the other hand, I had days where I definitely questioned teaching as a career. Thankfully the positive days outshines my negative days.

                             As a teacher I can never forget the lessons learned during my first year teaching. I was just done with my Diploma in Business Management and got a call from the college where I did my Masters in Cosmetic Technology, they asked me to teach the students pursuing Bachelors one of my favorite subject called ‘Cos-Tech’. I was young, happy, enthusiastic and energetic with the thought of being a ‘teacher’ in the college where I studied.

                           All geared up and ready to go for my first lecture with the thought that as a teacher I know everything, got me in trouble, I never thought about the fact- that apart from knowledge the kind of preparations required to be done by a teacher is so important.  Even though I had the knowledge, the output of it can be best judged from what my students would deliver. I even realized the fact that the students are a replica of their teacher, one can see the impact that a teacher has on their students and I saw it in mine….

                             Down the lane now I am a teacher, a mentor, a guide nurturing small and young minds of kids of the Primary years and have realized yet again that a teacher is a learner first and learns so many new things from each and every student of hers. A teacher always strives to get the best out of her students, loves each and every one of them; for what she is today is because of her students. 

-Namita Chowdhary,
Open Minds A Birla School, Kollur, Hyderabad

"My Experience as a Teacher" by our Spanish Teacher - Ms. Soro Pirgue Marie Pascaline

¿Por qué no enseñar Francés dado
 que usted es nativa Francesa?
          Why not teaching French since you are a French native?

Buenos días a todos,
Good morning one and all,
Antes que nada,querría agradecer todos por la oportunidad.
First of all I would like to  thank you all for the opportunity.
 Permite a mi de presentarme antes de  empezar.
Allow me to introduce myself before starting.

Me llamo Soro Pirgue Marie Pascaline. Soy de la costa de Marfil y profesora de Español a Open Minds.
My name is Soro Pirgue Marie Pascaline. I am from Ivory Coast and a Spanish teacher at Open Minds.

Me apunto a la escuela este año en el mes de Mayo pero ya ha sido una buena experiencia hasta ahora.
I have joined the school this year in the month of  May but already it has been a good experience till now.

La interacción de los niños en el campus con mi en Español ,el más emocionante son los niños de Francés, Hindi y Telugu siempre diciendo hola o gritan Spanish Ma’am” nomás para decir hola...a felicidad es toda mía.
The children interaction in the Campus in Spanish with me ,the most touching those from French ,Hindi and Telugu always saying holaor  shouting  Spanish maam just to say hello...the happiness is all mine.

Y yo agradezco Dios y la escuela también para confia en yo dándome la oportunidad.
And I thank God and  the school too for trusting me by giving me the chance.

En el proceso de enseñar , yo encuentro  mucho y todavía descubriendo y aprendiendo con los niños. Es divertido y alegre enseñando y ayudando a ellos para crecer hasta la destinación.
In the process of  teaching ,I discovered a lot and still discovering and learning along with the children. It is fun and joyful teaching them and helping them to grow till the destination.

Tengo muchos buenos recuerdos o souvenirs con ellos en la clase y durante las actividades de los clubes,gran momentos inolvidables.
I have a very good memories or souvenirs with them in class and during club activities, great moments unforgettable.

He comprendido que  grande diplomas solo, no es  suficiente para enseñar además la manera que usamos cuenta a atraer los niños a la asignatura y a amar tu persona misma por rebote la asignatura. Y también he aprendido  que Nadie es el templo del saber” , como decía Voltaire.
Podemos por lo tanto modestamente aprender aún con los alumnos.
I  have understood that big diplomas only do not suffice for teaching but the way we use to attract the children to the subject and to love your person self by ricochet the subject keeping in mind  that No one is the temple of knowledge as said Voltaire .
We can therefore humbly learn even from the students.

Tengo la pasión  y el amor por Español más que el Francés mi nativo idioma donde no hay nada a encontrar por mi desde he hecho casi my life hablando y estudiando en  Francés hasta 2009 cuando llegaba en India:la respuesta al título de mi artículo.
I have the passion and the love for Spanish more than French my native language where for me there is no much to discover since I have done almost all my file speaking and reading in French till I reached  India in 2009:the answer to my article title.

Yo espero que os encantan leyéndolo. Hasta la vista,nos vemos al otro número.
I hope you will enjoy reading it. See you soon for another edition.

Soro Pascaline
Profesora de Español
(Spanish teacher)

Open Minds