Sunday, 21 August 2016

Literary Fest 2016-17

Literary Fest

Beginning on the 28th, The Open Minds Literary fest 2016-17, was a three-day carnival which culminated on the 30th, with the parents arriving to watch and play literary activities. The venues for each language i.e. Telugu, Hindi, English, Spanish and French, were set in various arenas of the school campus for the ease of the kids and parents. Every stall displayed activity based learning and applications of various languages.

There were scintillating monologues and ravishing display of cultures via their dance, music and narratives.
The Telugu department had prepared an array of stalls to show their prowess in the language. There were games organized for the parents which included Treasure hunt, Word building, Guess the Proverb and one of the most memorable event was where the parents were required to speak in Telugu using no english words as fillers. Students of Grade 8 and 9 had also organized a skit.

The Hindi department had events that captivated everybody’s attention. With a medley of songs and dances, monologues and skits, it was raining talents! Their stalls included Flash card based word games, creating stories out of a picture, presenting the contrast of different traditions and celebrations
across India, etc. Kids of Grade 9 and 10 performed a skit in Hindi on the topic ‘Unity in Diversity’.

The English department stood out in many aspects with out of the box activities, games and monologues. The student in collaboration with Performing Arts department, brought the characters of Shakespeare’s plays alive. Stalls included tongue twisters, Challenge me for a story, Sight word tambola, deciphering secret messages, Acrostic poems, writing a song using rhyming words and many more. There was a debate in between Parents and Kids and it was a sight right out of this world. A shortfilm on the importance of reading was also displayed which was shot entirely in the campus. And to bring things to a grand end, kids of Grade 9 performed Alphabet Aerobics

The French department surprised everyone with stalls where kids sang french songs and recited french poetry. There were card games and mazes, Karaoke activities and students putting up a french bakes sale stall.

The Spanish corner was also the center-stage of everyone’s eye. They displayed videos showing spanish culture and sang songs to the parents. Students narrated stories in Spanish. Music students performed Bailando.

The bars have been set so high this year that next year it is going to be a challenge to supersede the fun and energy displayed

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