Sunday, 21 August 2016

Happiness Week!

Life Skills: Happiness Week:

The Happiness Week this year started with the theme ‘Anything is Possible’. Yes, it is! All that we need to understand is that we are beyond our perceptions. There is so much of inbound potential that each one of us has latent in us. It is the belief that we need to nurture. The belief of being able to tap into the unlimited potential. The boundaries are just in our mind. It is the mind that we need to conquer.
The students participated in discussions and role plays to see how they can accomplish anything if they tap into their potential. They also learnt that if someone can do something successfully, anyone else can also learn to do it the same way, provided they understand the strategies that the successful person adapts to in doing anything. To do all these, they had to also understand that all the resources that one would need to do anything in life are all present within one’s self only.

We all also had another activity this month, where the students learnt that we can communicate our feelings to other beings and the way our feelings affect the others. The secondary year students performed an experiment where we chose 2 sets of plants to communicate our feelings to them. We chose 2 plants to share our positive thoughts, love, care and appreciation and the other 2 plants to share our feelings when we are upset or hate something and even to ridicule. The students had a feeling that they are surely making a difference and also, not being too fair to the plants to communicate their feelings of hatred to them. That is when they understood subtly, how shouting at others in haste or ridiculing their own friends made a negative effect.
We continued this experiment to observe the plants over a period of one week. However, being set up in this environment with friends around and them understanding that feelings do matter a big deal, they could not communicate their feelings of upset to the plants that they were supposed to. So, we did not have a major difference in the way the plants grew or responded. But yes, it was surely an experiment that would be etched

in their minds for a long time to come!

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