Monday, 2 November 2015

Precious Parent - Session 3

Thank you parents, for your participation in the previous session!

The session was very informative and very well put in. Thanks for discussing the issues we face - Ms.Sandhya

I can relate myself to many situations that were brought up. I know things I should not do – Mr.Vinod Tadvai

The session is making me think from my child’s point of view and understand him better – Ms.Anuradha

Super. Will try to enhance myself by implementing ‘Out of the Box’ concept  – Mr.Raveender
 It is not about the children, but US!

We now know what and how we are no different than what our parents were…
Will our kids grow up wanting to be like us or would they vow to be definitely different?
How do we make them learn to be themselves?
We were also kids one day. Do our children understand we have been there too?
How to place our trust in them completely and let them bloom into complete individuals?

….. to discover all these and more…. 

10am - 12:30pm
7th November 2015
Open Minds, Hyderabad

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