Saturday, 28 November 2015


Awoken with a smile from youthful dreams
"All that is gone now," my conscious screams
Never again shall I madly fall in love
Scribbling his name on a piece of paper
In reverie, smile highlighted on my face.

I threw my anchor down long time ago
And settled in a steady and secure lagoon
The storms of the young heart
Are no more to be seen
As the hair greys and the dreams fade.

I’ve got everything one can hope for and more
And all this seems to be the nature’s way
To show the autumn is on its way
And things are as they are
And they are here to stay.

It came suddenly, this wakefulness
That the youthful time is gone
Now I can only stand and behold
My offspring to start living the dreams
That’s theirs and theirs alone.

As if the juices of life were drained
As if my body no longer wants to strain
But seeks respite in the nest instead
And the next phase awaits
When I am not here but dead.

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