Monday, 31 August 2015


Spring in the City by Krithi grade 8

The wind played my ears like a flute
Bleached clouds sailed across the sky like a parachute
The first daffodils of spring are like a brand new dress suit
The smell of which brings butterflies in pursuit.

Flowers in the city are like lipstick on a woman
Many of which are fresh and bright landscaping the garden
The hills and valleys foreshorten
View of which is enthralling like a pretty maiden.

Cakes for Halloween by Anoushka grade 7 

Apron, pink gloves and hat,
stuff to wear before baking,
some stirring device and spoon to pat,
are some things that are used for the dish
we are making.

Time to put flour in a bowl,
along with milk, butter, eggs, and sugar,
the milk will help the dough roll
and the dish will be super.

Set the mixture in the mould,
shaped like boggarts and witches,
the yummy cakes shall be sold
and one will end up in riches.

Finally the treats are done,
time to eat them! Have some fun!
Our halloween time has begun,
ghosts are coming! Let's run!

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