Thursday, 13 August 2015

Gearing up towards the Independence Day!

There is something in the air! The school seems like a busy hive. We are gearing towards the celebration of the Independence Day! This whole week we have had the morning assembly dedicated to the topic of the 'Freedom struggle' and students have been introduced to many aspects of it.

The Achiever's house was reminding us of the important dates on our path to freedom and have shared a wonderful poem by Subhandra Kumari Chauhan on Jhansi Ki Rani, while the Believer's house showed us a powerful video showing the ups and downs of the freedom struggle, pointing out what freedom actually means and how can we use freedom to our own advantage.  Creators prepared a skit on Dandi march in a way that students could relate to and we believe they liked it as there was a pin drop silence while the skit was on. Explorers, who are actually on tomorrow have been practising their skit to perfection. We cant wait to see it tomorrow!

This time the Independence celebration's tasks and duties have been divided among the houses and each house is preparing their part. Believers are responsible for the script and narrations, Achievers will present us with an upbeat dance performance and Creators will mesmerise us with a patriotic song and charm us with a fancy dress event done by the little creators. Explorers are the busiest ones towards the end as they are responsible for the decorations and we have witnessed an explosion of colours and creativity in the library room today where they set base to prepare the decorative items that will be put on display tomorrow.

Even in the classrooms we have witnessed a lot of creativity and love towards our motherland. Children have all expressed it in their own way and our display boards will be flooded with orange, white and green from tomorrow onwards. It's a time when we feel especially proud of our country and we like that feeling! Jai Hind!

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