Thursday, 28 January 2016

Poetry - Daisy Town

I saw a cluster of stars above my head
Making a constellation of the book I read
Then I saw, far ahead
A herd of horses, just like on the cover of my bed.
Two were black, the others brown, heading straight to Daisy Town.
Oh, dear! Oh, my!
The horses will munch on the daisies like pie
They will discover the berry bushes
So delicious the berries will be, I think the blame is on me.
Oh, my! Oh dear!
Tell yourself; be calm, no need to fear
But for Mr. Chop’s crops, the end is near.
Okay, think fast! Use your skill, round them up
Gather your courage do not erupt
You need a lasso and a fence
If you do this, you’ll sure get some pence.
You are lightning, you are thunder
You are the greatest god of wonder.
So do it, come on! 3, 2, 1…
Snap, creek, neigh, eek (bug), sigh, pull, stretch, get in
There y’all, yee-ha – at last.
Mr. Chop’s crops are safe
I won a medal, a gold one full of pebbles
But wait! Argh, man. This was all a dream.
Anoushka A., grade 7

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