Sunday, 20 September 2015

Dreams, Aspirations and Absurdity: A Literary Sketch

Dreams seem to be the most immature entity of man for it hardly considers any reason from an apparent observation. Hence, to rely on it with a social or practical dependence causes a sceptical flow of unknown parameters of thought. If it is considered that a tree thinks before giving birth to deep-red swollen apples, and that too with the surety that it won’t even by mistake give birth to undesirable oranges, and that man even after applying all his judgemental sense and rational capabilities fail to think or rather fail miserably to materialize most of his thoughts which he often boast as Ideals, must emend his own existence, and the relation of it with dreams.

A man is a follower of his own dreams, but also the creator of his own strangeness within which he likes to live in and unscrupulously this very element of his existence becomes the quintessential of his dreams and a deduction of that might liquidate the essence of dreaming or rather living a life which like a shadow in indolent steps walk in a mazy motion, and dreams follow it like an unknown killer as well as a latent saviour, for when in absolute blindness he tries to feel a wall, solid and supportive, a faith, almost a diaphragm separating the claustrophobic practicality and the fictional comfort, a reality where one can breathe out his own desires and act as an architect of truth, provides him the pedestal for consideration of what lies too far, yet in reachable extent it mingles with the achievable. Still a hemlock to human mind it darkens the limpid flow of life. With the establishment of aspirations it establishes the absurdity in sensible thinking and thus one fails to indulge himself into reasonable depiction of thought and feelings, reasonable in the sense of the already established order of socio-economical living. These dreams are not figments of one’s thought that perturb the sleep at night, peeps when in subconscious the psyche lies, but rather the fragments which constructs the goals for which a man survives and suffers. The peril of such dreaming lies in the choice of surviving and suffering and herein a man gives all his maturity and experiences and yet at times feel like left behind in the lurch with no positivism about his very own idea, though with an optimism he keeps on aspiring his own defined speculations of art, society or economy; he swims in an aquarium with the freedom and thrill of an ocean for he detests his limitations and thus squanders away all his socially limited experiences to create a new order for his own creation, his own ideas which in already established domain might seem absurd with all its newness, in fact are supposed to carry the germ of further creation for the yet to be born generations and yet to be accepted philosophies of life. This very process creates an absurdity of belief and reasoning or rather the absurdity is the only gentle and trustworthy guest in the ball-room of knowledge and learning, desire and yearning. This “absurd” is what aspirations and ambitions are tiled with, almost a chemical fusion, not a mixture mechanical enough to be separated with an easy blow of experimentation of the thoughts of man which in its own socio-political-economical domain fights for an anti-establishment of the already constructed palette from where men chose their regular colours of life to draw the regular picture of life on canvas of transitory moments of living, and plunge for the establishment of the very dream, the idea of hope and new, acting through the positivism of capitalism of his buoyant aspirations or dreams which in an utter combination lies with the “absurd” and the “strange” of his own ambitions which the immature judgements, a consequence of his almost indescribable experiences are contrived of.

Perhaps this is what man is about; in sleep he dreams of his own tacit thoughts and when awake, in his own dreams he sleeps and creates a life of aspirations and ambitions to which he falls prey to and amazingly makes it a prey for himself, a food for his own passionate breathing. Perhaps human beings is the only species who makes the mistake of dreaming and aspiring, or perhaps not, but they surely are the most dreamy and suspicious promise holders who dreams of a better world but plunge into a better living.

Mr. Chatterjee

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