Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Presenting our teachers series.... First one in the spot light...Namita ma'am.

I love the idea of using this blog to present our teachers in a light  that parents maybe never see them. I instantly knew I need to start such a project with our dear Namita ma'am. She is like an Energiser Bunny of Open Minds! Where does she get all the energy from?

Namita ma'am is a grade 2A class teacher. She is one of a kind! She does wonders in the classroom and believe it or not is also extremely active in her spare time! She is wonderfully creative in the field of candle making and was regularly conducting classes in her community. Apart from candle making she creates paper flowers and loves to create art from waste materials! Below are some of her amazing creations:

Namita ma'am is very athletic and loves all kinds of sports. If she could choose an ideal family vacation it would most likely involve hiking in a forest and camping in the tents! A true nature lover. 

What an adventurous spirit she is! Our students are lucky to have her around.

I heard that she also conducts creative writing classes in her community and when I asked her,"Where do you get all your energy from?" She casually replied, "Actually, I feel relaxed when I teach kids." 

Great to have you with us, Namita ma'am! Some people were born to teach and I have a feeling you are one of them.

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